Useful Links

We have compiled this list of links we think could be useful. Please note this is certainly not a complete list!

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Ambassade de France –

The official site of the French Embassy in the UK contains a wealth of information on the ‘special’ relationship between France and the UK and how to make the most of it.

Consulat Français –

The French Consulate in London. Registration, marriages, birth, etc. This site is the bible for any administrative matters.


The French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain is here to foster and develop                   investment and commercial relationships between France and the UK and offers a plethora of advice and services for entrepreneurs.


Federation of French Associations in Great Britain would be a bit closer to the reality is a great guide on the numerous French associations that exist and deal with sports, leisure, economy, education, politics, religion and health.

Institut Français –

The French Institute…Missing the ‘ French touch’? Founded in 1910, and situated in an      impressive listed art-deco building in South Kensington, London, the Institut Français is the official French government centre for language and culture.

Ici-Londres – Your monthly French magazine in London: